The State of Open Data and Agriculture


The State of Open Data is an ambitious 18-month research project designed to reflect on 10 years of community action and review the capacity of open data to address social and economic challenges across a variety of sectors, regions, and communities. The project has been funded by the International Research Centre with the support of the Open Data for Development (OD4D) Network.

Ben Schaap, project lead at GODAN, alongside Ruthie Musker, GODAN Strategic Projects and Partnerships Lead and Martin Parr, Director of Data and Services at the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences Inernational - but who also was involved in the inception of the GODAN Initiative - authored Section 2, with a focus on the agriculture sector, which can be read here.

The main goal of this project is to learn in order to help shape the future of open data based on information and evidence gathered from the community. With over 65 authors, an Editorial Board, and a development methodology that allows for flexibility and community feedback, The State of Open Data - Histories and Horizons brings a myriad of perspectives to the task of reviewing the state of open data.