Vision Paper: Towards an e-Infrastructure for Open Science in AgriFood

The eROSA project has released a new vision paper "Towards an e-Infrastructure for Open Science in AgriFood" as a result of its 2nd stakeholder workshop in November 2017 at Wageningen UR.

This documents outlines the necessary developments until 2030 to reach a state in which  "food systems will produce healthy nutritious foods for all, produced through input-efficient methods and supporting a thriving environment. Food Systems will operate as collaborative networks that are constantly seeking to improve their economic, environmental and social performance."

Based on this vision paper, the project team will elaborate Roadmaps to information infrastructures in summer of 2018.

The Vision paper has been released for comments from all stakeholders.

The document is open for comments, but comments can be written also offline to

In addition, e-ROSA is mapping all relevant stakeholders that can support and benefit from a future e-infrastructure for agri-food science. We want to make sure that your organization, the data source or the facility you are developing, or the initiative you represent is visible on our map, so you are more than welcome to add this information via the dedicated forms available here.”