Webinar - Empowering Smallholder Farmer Land Rights: Beyond Covid-19


Come and join us for a Webinar on Empowering Smallholder Farmer Land Rights - Beyond Covid-19 on 21 May 2020 at 17h00 CET.


The Webinar has been created to provide some background and expert input to the Beyond Covid-19 Global Open Innovation Challenge, led by innovators PREPR, in which GODAN is partnering and of which GODAN thematic experts Foteini Zampati, Dr Suchith Anand, Kiringai Kamau and Dr Eliane Ubalijoro are mentoring.


Webinar Overview

  1. Introduction by Foteini Zampati 
  2. Impacts of COVID-19 on SDGs and its Implications for Smallholder Farmer Land Rights - Uchechi Anaduaka
  3. Mapping COVID-19 for Zero Hunger and Smallholder Farmer Land Rights Empowerment - Victor Sunday
  4. Promoting Access to Land Right Data for Smallholder Farmer Empowerment Post COVID-19 - Laura Meggiolaro

This Webinar brings together speakers from GODAN, LandPortal Foundation and the UniqueMappersTeam to share ideas on empowering smallholder farmers through the issue of land rights. The work that the Unique Mappers Team are doing to contribute towards SDG2 and improving smallholder farmers land rights is very important for attaining Zero Hunger, among other SDG aims. Find more details here

The Unique Mappers Team have contributed to the “GeoForAll contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” aims. Click here to read more.

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