Open call for GODAN partners to be part of an original web series

GODAN is calling for its partners to submit their stories of ‘open data innovation’ from farms around the world — for the chance to be featured in an original GODAN web series.

The series will highlight three case studies of open data from farms around the world with an emphasis on the ‘human’ story – how is the situation of farmers in your being improved by open data? What challenges still need to be overcome?

We welcome input from partners and want to hear the voices of officials, research institutes farmers and NGOs. The web series will feature innovative new technologies and partnerships between governments, the private and civil sector.

This web series will give partners a chance to highlight their stories on a global platform.

It will be not only shared with our 200+ global partners and a wider audience in YouTube, but it will be specially featured during the upcoming GODAN Summit in September – which will bring together many high-level participants.

We are very much open to your comments and suggestions about how best to capture these stories, respecting local languages, cultural and environmental practices.

To submit your idea, please write a short description of your story idea and include any relevant photos, videos or media that you may have, as well as the main point of contact for the project.

Please specify any special filming needs or challenges that might accompany your project as well.


Please submit story ideas to:

Diana Szpotowicz
Strategic Communications Advisor

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Keywords: Open data