AGINFRA is a global, open data management and sharing infrastructure for agriculture and food. This data infrastructure (called AGINFRA) has been initially developed as part of the FP7 EINFRA project agINFRA and aims to serve as an online hub of research & extension information related to agriculture and food security. Its main services will include: a) an atlas of worldwide agricultural research and extension (including institutions, people, publications, data sets, projects, courses, OERs), b) a semantic layer of processing, enriching and interlinking research information from distributed, heterogeneous sources and formats, c) a catalogue of software components (open source software stack & APIs) that anyone may use to process research information, d) a help desk service to support institutions and projects that wish to publish their agricultural research information openly and e) a set of data-rich application demonstrators for specific case studies (food safety, viticulture etc.). The operation and evolution of AGINFRA is financially supported by various donors, such as the European Commission and UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).
Godan topics: Food security, Sustainable production