Agricultural Innovation Systems Brokerage Association (AGINSBA)

AGINSBA initially started as Open Distance Learning Network (ODLN), a multi-disciplinary team initiated by Makerere University with support from Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Innovations at Makerere Committee ( to develop an Information Communication Technology (ICT) platform for sharing market information during CHOGM held in Uganda in 2007. In 2009, COL supported this team to do a feasibility study for implementing Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3F) within an appropriate Open Distance Learning (ODL) framework that would enhance Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) and the use of ODL in improving farmers’ livelihoods and information flow along the production-market value chain in South Western Uganda. ODLN also played an active role in the implementation of regional projects including: sub-Saharan Africa – Challenge Programme (SSA-CP), Lake Kivu Pilot Learning Site (LKPLS), particularly charged with promoting a new perspective of using a multi-stakeholder approach to identify practical solutions to marketing challenges. In 2010, ODLN transformed into the Agricultural Innovation System Brokerage Association (AGINSBA), a registered social enterprise whose mandate is to disseminate knowledge generated from research institutions to rural communities through ODL and ICT4D in a spatial‐temporal context; Linking participating communities to credit, market and other stakeholders in the value chain. Currently the organization is engaged in full agriculture sector through capacity building for farmers, dealing in produces and dissemination of knowledge from interested stakeholders on value chain.