AGRIDATA-BF is an agriculture information platform/hub developed and operated since 2014 by EcoData West Africa Ltd, a private company. It is informing farmers on prices, offers & bids, weather and agricultural practices extension. The company employs 15 people at the headquarters and another 51 ‘enumerators’ spread over the country that collect datas for different value-chains at different markets and agri-activities areas via Smartphones. Facing climate change effects and lack of resources of government, many farmers could not get access to relevant informations to support them increasing yield and incomes and being resilient. Then, AGRIDATA-BF is disseminating datas and informations to farmers by using French and 4 local languages (fulfulde, dioula, moore and gulmacema) via SMS/IVR (webb-2-SMS platform), a website ( and a dedicated Call center named Cocorico! . This is the first agri-call center for the country. The platform is reachable through a short number 3007 and that whatever is the mobile network of callers. Operated in a public-private partnership way, AGRIDATA-BF gathers relevant data and informations from several official sources. They are translated into local languages and transformed to be understandable and useful for unlettered farmers.