Agrigroomers is a non-profit company which exists to close the gap between: agriculture students and the marketplace; research and implementation; agricultural services and communities.We continuously develop, improve and implement strategies that provide participants with relevant tools and training to assist in creating opportunities for themselves and others. Agri-Groomers was founded in 2014 by Cedara College of Agriculture & University of KwaZulu Natal students collectively. The idea generated from a concern regarding exposure and readiness for the market place and hence Agrigroomers carry a vision of creating a platform of opportunities for learning, networking and participating in various aspects of agri-sector, where individuals gain motivation and global understanding of agriculture and its market. PROGRAMS a) Personal Development & Character Building (PDCB) program focuses on individuals' personal growth and in instilling self-discipline and integrity. Self-Awareness & Governance - Underpinned on the premise that a person must know himself to grow himself, meaning that in order to achieve growth, leaders must sharpen who they are and lead themselves first. Mind Calibration - Aims to encourage positive change of thinking from one way to another (paradigm shift). Leadership Mastery - Approaches leadership as influence, function and a process, not a position. Hence this program focuses on teaching leadership principles. b) Agricultural Learning and Skills Development (ALSD) program create and facilitate various platforms of learning and skills development. This program intends to facilitate the building and enhancement of relationships between farming communities (including schools) with relevant stakeholders thereby enabling youth to get experience and exposure through field training. The programme has three pillars namely: Permaculture In Rural Areas (PIRA); Farm-Placements and Multi-Projects. Permaculture In Rural Areas (PIRA) - Aims to provide communities with the relevant skills and knowledge to sustainably implement permaculture principles in the context of their needs. Farm-Placements - aims to provide a platform students and graduates can master relevant skills required to be influential agricultural entrepreneurs through practical exposure to every day farming operations. Multi-Projects - Aims to provide a platform where various agricultural stakeholders can network thereby inspiring innovative ideas, strategies and collaborate on various projects. c) CONNECT: Encompasses Discussions, Debates and Dialogues [3D], GreenEctions and the Business Desk. Its interactions are set up to engage youth in business, research and public speaking so that their messages reach decision makers. Discussions, Debates and Dialogues [3D] - is about engaging youth in research, and public speaking. It is through dialogues that we strive to drive our voice across to decision makers. GreenEctions - is an online graduate tracking system that aims to map the entire agricultural sector. Business Desk - aims to enhance the entrepreneurial culture thereby creating a network of affordable business services through strategic partnerships.