AgriLedger is a philanthropy initiative applying Distributed Cryptoledger (Blockchain) to create a circle of trust for small farmer co-operatives. The UN reports that up to 50% of crop value vanishes between harvest and the point of sale. Small cooperatives are currently by far the best way to improve efficiency in developing countries and help farmers retain a bigger share of their crop value. Co-ops presently rely on paper-based records, verbal promises, and complicated agreements; this frequently causes critical problems due to lack of transparency, restricted access to price data, lying, graft, and corruption. AgriLedger is a Mobile App that records and transacts incorruptible truth. A complete framework of integrated services for delivering an even playing field for farmers and co-ops. This solid framework of trust allows everyone to know they are working, buying, selling, and sharing things according to this cryptographic “Book of Truth” that is utterly incorruptible. One in four people in the developing world suffers from undernourishment, yet despite this chronically widespread hunger, 30% to 40% of local food produce is lost or wasted. AgriLedger helps farmers and co-operatives plan the distribution of produce more effectively: to know where there is a market for their goods, preventing waste. More than 2.5 billion of the world’s adult population don’t have access to even simple financial services. AgriLedger provides farmers with secure identity management & value vaulting, enabling the first steps into the world of banking, micropayments, and loans. AgriLedger is dedicated to empowering small farmers and Trust is the essential first step.