The Brazilian Agricultural Sustainability Research and Education Program (AgriSciences) was created 2015 by a proactive effort of Brazilian and International team of researchers, and extension specialists with a multidisciplinary scope of expertise in the areas of agriculture, economics, social sciences, and computer science intends to identify and evaluate opportunities, and, if proven necessary, to adapt computational simulation models to current agro-ecosystems in a holistic way. Since its created, the AgriSciences has been carrying out relevant applied research, extension, technological and sociological assistance to rural producers in the Amazon and Cerrado (Savanna) regions, through graduate student of Agronomy, Animal Science, Agricultural and Environmental Engineer, Forest Engineer, and Veterinary, and graduate students of Agronomy, Animal Sciences, and Environmental Sciences graduate programs at UFMT. In addition, the AgriSciences also counts on the important participation of international institutions. The program has a technical-scientific, educational and sociocultural character, as it promotes applied research, educational and public-private partnerships. It is an initiative that generates and share knowledge for system efficiency of agricultural systems, which extend, apply, and exchange knowledge on soil, agronomy, animal, forestry, agrometeorological, business management, environmental and computer sciences.