Al Mohamadia Dates Company

Al-Mohamadia is a model date palm farm and a leading production and dates processing company in Saudi Arabia. The farm is located in Al Kharj region, about 60 km away from the capital Riyadh. Al-Mohamadia farm has more than 40,000 mature date palm trees comprising about 25 of the best date palm cultivars, including Kholas, Sag’e, Khodri, Nabtat Sultan, Safawi, Ajwa, Majdool, Anbara and Hilali. Al Mohamadia dates are produced, processed, handled and marketed in accordance with optimized technical procedures and modern date palm technical service operations. The farm adopts standard husbandry practices in fertilization, pest management and modern irrigation to enable production of dates according to requirements and quality specifications for domestic and overseas markets. The farm utilizes natural fertilizers e.g. compost and farm yard manure, the use of GAP compliant pest management options and the DateGIS (an integrated geo-information system for date farming precision agriculture) and site specific management practices that maintain soil fertility and prevents pests and diseases e.g mulching, weeding, use of pheromone, light traps and attract and kill management tactics. The farm adopts a modern drip irrigation system and implements a carefully studied watering regime taking in consideration the factors of climate, soil type, tree age, variety and crop developmental stage.