AUXFIN, is an organization with goals to financial- and registration solutions to migrants and the poor. The vision of AUXFIN is to develop value networks, this leads to development of the Rural Financial ECO System and the ICT infrastructure; with the development of Migrant Financial ECO System and the use of remittances as a financial catalyst for rural development; it enables capacity building and organize financial inclusion and economic development; The mission of AUXFIN is: ‘Financial Access for All’, this means to deliver, against very low prices, basic elementary banking functions such as savings, loans and payments. Several organizations can use of the platform free of charge, that leads to a fast and scalable installations and a large user-base. The many transactions result in big data that is the basis for development plans of Government and NGO’s. AUXFIN does this through the offering of a robust financial-administrative platform, at the rural level, for local saving- and credit cooperatives; for MFI's and other formal and informal financial institutions, for schools, for agro cooperatives, Hospitals and other organizations. UMVA Is an on-line value registration and management system to support the unbanked.