Bliss Africa Foundation

Bliss Africa Foundation, is a Community-Youth driven, Volunteer-run, independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to deliver inclusive, innovative, sustainable programs and services to support Youth empowerment and community development. The Foundation is a human service organization that identifies the approach of effective means to involve young people in local development decision-making, giving them voice and influencing power, with benefits for themselves and their communities. Created with the foremost keyword Bliss, which means a state of spiritual blessedness, a great deal stronger than happiness. We thought Africa has come a long way to continue having plight stories talked about it, how about we change the perception that many render our continent to be, but rather a Blissful Africa, having vibrant youths that are the agents & leaders of positive change in their countries with Uganda serving as an model, that is exactly what we are doing through this organization. We are going to create all kinds of networks throughout the communities where we shall work to build a Blissful nation and the continent at large Indented to nurturing human potential, the capacity-building organization is made up of vibrant youths who exist to help youths and communities to access the skills, tools, and information they need to get going and do what they do best. We're about building effective and lasting relationships with people and organizations from all sectors so that together we can lend a helping hand and allow the thousands of Youths in localities across Uganda to reach their full potential. At the core of the Organization’s activities is a customized system of Youth with intent to create more opportunities for Africa to prosper. Through our benevolent services we aim to get the right people talking to each other. BAF, a youthful lively & vigorous movement also implements several extensive human service projects to support individual growth, revitalize the youth potential, rebuild communities, and restore the environmentWe believe that by building these bonds and spreading the resources and skill sets through volunteering, awareness and sensitization, limitless guidance, providing skills training and support that drives employment and entrepreneurship and other useful services, we are helping to build the type of dynamic workforce that will promote shared growth and create peak physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, many of our local communities can really thrive. In the wider sector we listen to, respond and represent the needs of Youths so that the world they operate in works to support them. It's this ethos that allows Bliss Africa as a liberal organization to really empower Youths to provide core services that tackle those rare maladaptive concerns , combat those difficult social issues and address those neglected causes in our local communities. When youth participation is well supported, young people can gain much by involving in Community-Driven Development. These operations provide an opportunity to increase youth voice, empowerment and employment. In return, youth involvement can enhance the quality and transparency of CDD, improving community representation and bringing youthful qualities of optimism, energy and creativity into finding solutions to local development challenges. "Youth understand their issues best; they have the agency, capacity and commitment to develop appropriate solutions for themselves and their communities.”