CODATA Agriculture Task Group

The task group proposal was first presented to the 30th CODATA General Assembly, Denver, CO., USA on 11th September 2016. The name of the proposed task group is “Agriculture Data, Knowledge for Learning and Innovation Group”. Today the group is popularly known as the “CODATA Agriculture Task Group”. The main objective of the ask group is to provide requisite information for biennial review discussions and for policy and program formulation on improving the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of agricultural research data in African Countries and beyond. Further to strengthen the collection, management, and availability of agricultural statistics data in African Countries based on already developed strategic plan for strengthening agricultural and rural statistics (SPARS) and within Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme CAADP processes. The task group aims to bring together stakeholders in agriculture to develop and implement strategies for knowledge sharing, improving the visibility and accessibility to agricultural data and science in Africa. This will bridge the widening gap between research and practice commonly inherent in difficulties of access, analysis, and publication of the African agricultural research knowledge and statistics data needed for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).