Kukua B.V.

Kukua has been very busy for the last four years, building a network of weather stations across the African continent. The company currently has around 80 stations in five countries, but roll out plans are strong and new projects are starting in Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania as well as in West Africa. Kukua has developed cost-effective, internet-connected weather stations. They are an example of the “Internet of Things” technology: the result of years of technical development and innovation. The stations were designed with a “frugal innovation” approach specifically for Africa. The stations are connected to the Internet and upload weather data to the “cloud” every 15 minutes. They are powered by a hand sized solar panel, allowing them to be located in remote areas away from the electricity grid. The stations collect data on precipitation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, and wind speed and direction. Kukua uses high quality sensors from the US-based company DAVIS, the communication technology has been simplified into a robust piece of frugal technology for Africa. Kukua harnesses the power of mobile phone technology and social media in Africa to transform complex data into accessible, impactful messages which empower smallholder farmers in a context of climate change and its associated challenges. Sustainability comes through weather data sales: providing hyper local weather information to those with an interest in Africa (especially commodities/ infrastructure etc. for insurance/ pricing/ trading purposes etc). Impact comes through the provision of relevant, local weather information to smallholders farmers, healthcare providers, schools and so forth. A social enterprise, Kukua seeks sustainable outcomes through a commercial focus. Kukua is particularly active in Nigeria, where we are providing weather information to smallholder farmers through extension workers and other means Kukua is also in discussion with BBC Media Action regarding ways of communicating weather information in appropriate, approachable formats. They are also in the process of planning filming with BBC World 'Click' - a technology programme where our hardware, firmware and software will be showcased.