Country: Italy
Type of institution: Private Sector
The company has his foucs in the research and development of precision farming products and has recentlv developed Agricolus Suite DSS a project that can validate in real life environment an integrated precision farming model in the cloud, enabling to...Read more
Country: Kenya
Type of institution: Other
The Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK) is a sector-wide non-profit, non-political and all-inclusive member-based organization. The mission of AgCK is to progressively deliver agricultural sector transformation through advocacy, dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building for sustainable development outcomes. This is...Read more
Country: China
Type of institution: University / Research Institution
四川省农业科学院农业信息与农村经济研究所(原名:科技情报研究所)是集农业信息技术以及农村经济研究、农业信息服务、农业咨询服务和农业媒体传播等四个学科和服务平台为一体、规模较大的省级农业信息科研与服务机构。 多年来我所荣获四川省科技进步一等奖1项,四川省科技进步二等奖3项、四川省科技进步三等奖2项、北京市科学技术二等奖1项,中国农业科学院科学技术成果二等奖1项,农业部颁发的“全国优秀农业科技网站”1项。获中华人民共和国国家版权局颁发的计算机软件著作权登记证书2项,出版学术专著2部。获中华人民共和国国家工商行政管理总局商标局颁发的商标注册证4个。Read more
Country: Uganda
Type of institution: NGO, Private Sector
AGINSBA initially started as Open Distance Learning Network (ODLN), a multi-disciplinary team initiated by Makerere University with support from Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Innovations at Makerere Committee ( ) to develop an Information Communication Technology (ICT) platform for...Read more
Country: Cameroon
Type of institution: Foundation
The Agricultural Innovations Foundatio n abbreviated FIA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to: fa cilitate and promote public / private partnerships to facilitate access and delivery of appropriate agricultural innovations for use by poor farmers re sources, work...Read more
Country: United States of America
Type of institution: University / Research Institution
The Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis brings together the expertise of more than 70 UC Davis faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate student researchers, and undergraduate student assistants to address big and emerging issues related to food and farming sustainability...Read more
Country: India
Type of institution: Government Agency
ATMA is a focal point for integrating Research and Extension activities and decentralising day to day management of the public Agricultural Technology System (ATS) and responsible for technology dissemination .Read more
Country: United States of America
Type of institution: University / Research Institution
The Center for International Environment and Resource Policy The Fletcher School Tufts UniversityRead more
Country: Burkina Faso
Type of institution: Private Sector
AGRIDATA-BF is an agriculture information platform/hub developed and operated since 2014 by EcoData West Africa Ltd, a private company. It is informing farmers on prices, offers & bids, weather and agricultural practices extension. The company employs 15 people at the...Read more
Country: France
Type of institution: NGO
Agridées is an independent French think tank for agriculture and agribusiness. It is committed to flexible and empowering advances that enable stakeholders to express their talents and potentials, and thus to achieve the cross-cutting objective for agriculture and agribusiness to...Read more
Country: Ireland
Type of institution: Private Sector
SME focused on Precision Agriculture in IrelandRead more
Country: South Africa
Agrigroomers is a non-profit company which exists to close the gap between: agriculture students and the marketplace; research and implementation; agricultural services and communities.We continuously develop, improve and implement strategies that provide participants with relevant tools and training to assist...Read more
Country: United Kingdom
Type of institution: Private Sector
AGRIinsight is an online tool that helps agribusiness improve their operational efficiency, increase their revenue whilst minimizing costs. AGRIinsight brings together multiple sources of information, translates them into rich, relevant, geo-visual representations bringing fresh insights that can be used by...Read more
Country: United Kingdom
Type of institution: Foundation, Other
AgriLedger is a philanthropy initiative applying Distributed Cryptoledger (Blockchain) to create a circle of trust for small farmer co-operatives. The UN reports that up to 50% of crop value vanishes between harvest and the point of sale. Small cooperatives are...Read more
Country: United Kingdom
Type of institution: Private Sector
Agronomic data and agricultural data management harnessed through the use of agriculture led analytics to provide hyper local field, farm and region insights to drive better crop management , yield forecasting and food security planning.Read more
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Type of institution: Private Sector
Agrinfo is an online database that documents the farmlands ownership in Tanzania, offers land management services, and links rural farmers to microfinance institutions.Read more
Country: Benin
Type of institution: Private Sector
Nous sommes spécialisés dans les Conseils agricoles, l'assistance technique (Formation à l'Agro Business, sur le montage de business plan...), la vulgarisation des innovations de recherche, l'aménagement hydro agricole et vente des intrants et matériels agricolesRead more
Country: Netherlands
Type of institution: Private Sector
AgriPlace is an independent, global online platform developed for the agricultural entrepreneur to simplify the collection, management and sharing of compliance data.Read more
Country: United Arab Emirates
Type of institution: Private Sector
Agriprocity builds and maintains direct agri-food value chains between farmers and internationally based food processors. We allow our partners to trade agricultural crops without intervention from global agri-commodity pricing mechanisms. Our contracts are long-term, transparent, and tailored to meet unique...Read more
Country: Nigeria
Type of institution: Private Sector
AgriQuest Africa Network Ltd (AQAN) is a leading agribusiness management consulting firm based in Lagos, Nigeria with branch offices in Abuja, Akure, Ghana and with Strategic partners across Europe, North America and Asia, specialized in proven services to the field...Read more