Sixty Seconds Solution LLC

WATER BASED PLANTS ALL YEAR ROUND GROW IN DESERTS, COLD CLIMATES, UNDERGROUND, TUNNELS, BUILDINGS, BUNKERS. UNDERWATER, & ABOVE WATER FLOATING FARMS FOR GROWING CITY. FUTURE URBAN FARMS Grow in water micro greens & leafy vegetables stacked in urban city building, in vertical/horizontal layers, racks, shelves, containers like retail & supermarkets. Hundreds of racks, shelves is equivalent to 5 acre of land farms or 5 greenhouse. Automation process & IOT used to customise environmental conditions. Monitoring, controling & predictive mobile applications that feed real-time data with sustainable and larger yields to grow all year using centralized control systems. Robot automation process based vertical farm requires less labour, low maintenence, clean air test, clean water test, appropriate grow light spectrum test, test essential nutrients, no herbicides, no pesticide, no harmful chemicals, no insects, no moulds, no fungi, no bacteria, no virus, no disease.