Tanutrics -AgTech Innovates

Tanutrics is a design and innovation research lab dedicated to finding creative solutions that transform the way agriculture is practiced and experienced in sub-sahara Africa We have a particular affection for low cost solutions, because innovation doesn’t have to be expensive. Although tanutrics was founded in one of the Canada’s largest research university – University of Manitoba, however our work extends far beyond the shores of Canada. In fact, we view all small-holder farms in Africa as our lab. tanutrics builds on the collective experience of all our team members and challenged ourselves to re-imagine what it means to be an innovator in an era of great technological progress yet, so challenged in meeting the needs of peasant farmers in Africa. We have decided to become the “bridge” linking innovations that leverage on artificial intelligence and big data analytics to be suitable, sizeable, and sustainable for small-holder Farmers in Africa – this is our mission !