tsenso GmbH

Most foods have a longer shelf life than we think. And with tsenso, you will learn how long this shelf life exactly is – depending on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the entire supply chain. We call it the “Fresh Index”, the new real-time shelf life indicator for food. The Fresh Index is the new “expiry” date for food in place of the static best before date. It is not printed but can be read out via an app and displayed digitally, e.g. on digital price tags and in online grocery stores. This keeps it dynamic: As long as the product is temperature-monitored, the index is updated automatically, providing a more accurate and usually much longer shelf-life thant today's static expiry dates. This extra shelf-life will signifiantly reduce food waste at home and along the supply chain, simply because the Fresh Index provides a longer time to all of us to consume the food.