Two Hands One Life

Two Hands One Life (THOL) is a National not-for-profit non-governmental organization reaching out to under privileged/disadvantaged schools and communities with Economic Empowerment, reproductive health information and complimentary care services. We are focused on community mobilization, Research, community sensitization, community empowerment and behavior change initiatives to help them attain a healthy wellbeing by realizing and using the creativity of their minds and power of their hands to change their lives. Vision: Improve the livelihood of adolescents, youths and the elderly through reproductive health education, trainings, equipping each with a skill, awareness drives, multimedia communications and behavior change initiatives. Mission: Improve the livelihood of youths and the elderly in Uganda through capacity building, life skills, youth health empowerment initiatives, health education, youth networks, skilling programs, economic empowerment and social justice regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. Our Solution To Educate, Empower and Enrich E3 individuals, families and communities