WIRELESSINFO is non-profitable Czech virtual research institute founded in 2003 by Czech participants on project WIRELESSINFO IST 1999- 21056 to share common IPRs from WirelessInfo project. WRLS has a very wide field of activities with a big exploitative research and implementation potential on both on Czech market and international market. Main goals of WIRELESSINFO are activities in research, new development, testing and exploitations of new geographic information systems and technologies for data collection and data management. The main target sector of WirelessInfo is agriculture. The focus is on research and development activities in area of agriculture sensors, IST for agriculture and forestry, GIS and SDI, Web services, E collaboration, Sensors, Mobile solution , E learning. WirelessInfo this year established own FI WARE Reference Lab The focus of WirelessInfo FIWARE Reference lab is testing and validation of FI generic enablers, but also their integration with other components. The GE are selected on the request of members of reference lab according their priorities and results are shared and become part of common infrastructure. This infrastructure currently include mainly sets of GE focused on IoT (for example Orion), advanced interfaces, data management, For every GE are responsible persons, which communicate technical problems with initial FIWARE developers. FIWARE labs is already used some FII PPP projects (SmartHoney, Imatop). This GE are combined with other tools like Senslog and Maplog, metadata catalogue, semantic data visualisation clients. There are integrated also such projects results like FOODIE data models including agriculture facilities, observations facilities and others. The results are available for all members and Reference Lab is grooving and we expect, that other organisation will join this network.