Women's Farming Syndicate

The Women’s Farming Syndicate The Women’s Farming Syndicate (WFS), founded in 2011, is an agribusiness community with a diverse membership from professionals to grass roots; a business constituency that has grown to over 5,000 women entrepreneurs across the country with key projects and programmes that include the Annual Women’s Showcase Market, the Weekly SMEs Market, and an eCommerce platform. WFS members are from all ages and backgrounds, linked by a common cause of promoting the best of Zimbabwean Agriculture. Through an inclusivity thrust, WFS was born out of the need to empower women to become self-sufficient and create an enabling environment for women to prosper in Zimbabwe. WFS is headquarter at a 2hr Farm in Domboshava, Matabvu Village, in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe. WFS believes in "Developing Women and Changing Lives". WFS’ work covers all agriculture related thematic areas including horticulture, small ruminants and livestock, ranching, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, apiculture, environment, trade and extension services. In 2018 with the support of our partners which include UNESCO WFS held their first international "Women's Showcase Market" in Paris, this event was held during UNESCO Africa week and WFS exhibited a wide range of products including Mopane worms, small grains, baobab coffee, Zumbani Makoni tea, arts and crafts. Since 2016 WFS has successfully held an annual "Women's Showcase Market", which promotes women led enterprises and links them to local, regional and international markets. The International Telecommunications Union through the Zimbabwean government have build an online showcase market for WFS members Since August 2017 in partnership with Long Cheng Plaza WFS hosts a weekly showcase market.