YICEUganda is a registered social organisation that provides rural smallhoder farmers in Uganda with access to regenerative agricultural training, flexible financial services and permaculture practices to reduce hunger, and poverty. The organisation officially started her operations in 2014. Currently, the organisation works with refugees in Bukompe refugee settlement and the neighbouring host communities, in Mubende district, Uganda. YICEUganda is a social not for profit organization with the following underlying values: 1. Empowering people: We empower communities and women to Champion their own development. 2. Conserving the biodiversity: We care about animals, plants and micro nutrients in the soil. We practice organic farming to ensure all live-in harmony. 3. Working with others: We believe we can’t accomplish anything alone. We always share and seek for partnerships and guidance from others. 4. Scale and sustainable solutions: We seek to build solutions that create everlasting impact on the globe.