Ziongate Geospatial and Research Services

Vision: A healthy environment for a sustainable society Mission: Our mission is to undertake environmental sustainability based programs/projects/research and provide support to individuals and institutions through the implementation and application of spatial analytical and geographic Information science technologies. We are also motivated to collaborate with various environmental management stakeholders including Government Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations in strengthening human resource capacity for environmental resource management. Ziongate Geospatial and Research services is also committed to ensuring the availability of spatial data that can be used to make inform decisions in the following working sectors. Sectors:  Water resource  Agriculture  Physical Planning  Health  Forestry  Education  Technology Services 1. GIS & Remote Sensing: We provide the following state-of-the-art remote sensing and geographic information system services to our clients. a. Map Production and Cartography eg site plans, land use plans b. GIS and CAD data conversion. c. Digital Elevation Model/ Slope/Contour d. Digitalization of old drawings in any format e. Land cover and change mapping f. Spatial Analysis e.g. Proximity analysis, buffering, etc. g. Street Naming and Property Addressing h. Layout or Parcel design 2. Environmental Studies We provide a comprehensive range of environmental management services such as a. Design/implementation of natural resource monitoring and management plans and programs e.g. Habitat restoration and conservation programs, Habitat Conservation Plans ( HCPs) and General Conservation Plans (GCPs) b. Flood Analysis / Flood Prediction Model c. Mitigation design, implementation, and monitoring d. Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning e. Environmental education and awareness raising f. Health Impact Assessment g. Institutional Analysis and Strengthening h. Community, Indigenous Peoples and multi-stakeholder Consultation and Engagement 3. Environmental Information System. We help to make environmental information usable, educative and accessible a. Building websites and online toolkits that support e-learning and capacity building programs in natural resource conservation and management. b. Interactive web mapping of agricultural resources c. Geo-app development d. Creating platform for the acquisition of environmental data 4. Spatial Social Science and Services. We apply the theories, methods, and research techniques of contemporary social science to manage and research on agriculture, social systems, culture, local economy, and indigenous communities. Spatial information surrounding observation in time and space can assist in the better understanding and interpretation of social processes or when the right spatial analyses are employed. We encourage the application of geo-spatial thinking in social science research and provide the following assistance a. Data Collection b. Data Analysis c. spatial analysis d. Methodology design e. Research Survey Instrument Design 5. Capacity Development and Training We strive to empower local governments, district assemblies and communities on the approaches to managing the environment and effectively in mitigation planning and implementation. We provide the following training • Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing application in environmental management • Spatial analysis for natural resource management • Developing models for community change. • Mobilize for Action through Planning and Partnerships • Health Impact Assessment • Developing Strategic and Action Plans • Developing Community Leadership and Enhancing Participation • Promoting Participation Among Diverse Groups • Community Action and Intervention • Evaluating Community Initiatives • Advocacy campaigns • Analyzing community Problems and Goals