AFRIGEOSS GRSS Soil Moisture and Agricultural Support Project


In this Webinar, Dr Adriano Camps and Dr Mercedes Vall-llossera present the AfriGEOSS - GRSS Soil Moisture and Agricultural Support Project.

The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) is a professional society of the IEEE, active in the fields of geoscience and remote sensing. GRSS in collaboration with African Researchers and ESA scientists working at the Barcelona Expert Center (BEC), initiated an AfriGEOSS Soil Moisture and Agricultural Outreach Support Project for assisting African national organizations. The major objectives of the project were:

1.     To map the spatio-temporal soil moisture patterns over the African continent from 2010 to 2017

2.     For selected regions in South Africa use MODIS data to downscale the SMOS coarse-resolution measurements of soil moisture to 1 km, and;

3.     To make high resolution soil moisture maps over Southern Africa available through the BEC distribution and visualization services.

Watch to learn more about the development and uptake of earth observation data, information and knowledge which is critical to improving food and agriculture systems of the African continent, as well as the levels of skills and software you need to operate in this area.