The Agriculture Open Data Package

The Agriculture Open Data Package (dubbed the “AgPack”) has since been modified and updated through work undertaken by the GODAN Secretariat and the Open Data Charter to form the Open-up Guide for Agriculture, a stand-alone tool which provides comprehensive guidance on the key elements of opening datasets in agriculture.

The third GODAN Capacity Development Working Group Webinar focuses on the creation and uses of the original Agriculture Open Data Package. In 2016 GODAN, the ODI, the Open Data Charter and OD4D developed the Agricultural Open Data Package (AgPack) to help governments to realise impact with open data in the agriculture sector and around the issue of food security.

Here the speakers outline examples and use cases of governments using open data in support of their agricultural sectors and food security within the country. They also delve into the different roles a government can play in facilitating such a development, and how open data can support government policy objectives around agriculture and food security.


About the Panelists

André Jellema (Wageningen University and Research), Suchith Anand (GODAN).

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