The Challenge

If open data for agriculture is to prove its worth then it needs to show how it improves the business of farming. Not only should it help increase yields it should also help elevate the impact of agriculture on climate change.

The Solution

The AgroDataCube was initiated by WUR and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) in the Netherlands, thanks to the awareness raised by GODAN of its importance as a platform to improve the operational usability of open data for agriculture. AgroDataCube API is fully open source.

It provides a large collection of both open data and derived data for use in agri-food applications in the Netherlands and acts as an accelerator for innovation, for companies and researchers to develop applications and launch research projects.

The Outcome

AgroDataCube API has reached 240 users in three months, and was used in four hackathons in six months. It will be integrated into smart farming applications, with five private companies and platforms already building applications on it.