Centre for Agricultural Networking and Information Sharing (CANIS)

The Challenge

The need to increase local solutions for agricultural needs is required, particularly to benefit populations in Africa and Asia.

The Solution

The University of Nairobi’s CANIS is a network of agricultural value chain actors that address the challenge of Food and Nutrition, by ensuring the right knowledge is delivered to those that need it. Its partnership with GODAN, and the use of open data, has helped the Centre to link students to materials for their work, and form strategic partnerships with other institutes, including the University of Nottingham.

The Outcome

“CANIS is now considered an anchor for data related work in the University of Nairobi and Kenya more generally.”

“The Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics has indicated that they would like to use us now to be the avenues for the collection of the data on agriculture and livelihoods in rural communities and this has come out of this engagement that is driven by open data. The coming of GODAN has made everybody realise that this is actually the right direction because we are learning ourselves, with the SDGs. Now when I talk about big data and open data everybody is actually listening.” - Kiringai Kamau, Steering Committee for Capacity Building for Open Data, Advisor for Kenyan Government, Executive Director, CANIS.