Open Data is a powerful tool to help overcome the challenges of agriculture and nutrition that we face in the 21st century. In June - September 2016 the GODAN Open Data Challenge sought new, innovative ways to unleash the power of open data and solve specific challenges in agriculture and nutrition. Working in collaboration with Thought for Food and PUSH, GODAN invited everyone to consider the challenges they posed and to apply with their innovative product, service, program and policy change ideas.

The challenge had two tracks, both centred around availability and use of data and focused on our ambition to achieve world food security:

The Open Data Challenge was sponsored by GODAN and powered by Thought for Food and PUSH. The challenge questions were:

Track A: Policy Challenge

The Policy Open Data Challenge invited participants to design a policy or program that would incentivize government and non-governmental agencies to better utilize, collect, and/or make more accessible open data which will positively impact either agriculture or nutrition challenges.

  • First place: Agriculture Sector Data Coordination Policy, Kenya. This team is providing a framework and tech platform to enable multiple ministries to release data and encourage/enable use in agriculture and nutrition.
  • Second place: VARI, India. This team is creating online market-place for farmers to secure better prices for crops, in coordination with government data.
  • Third place: Agri-Commodity Bulletin, Philippines. Developing SMS tool to enable access to market info for farmers whilst supporting government to improve access to open data.

Track B: Open Data Maker's Challenge

The Open Data Maker’s Challenge sought solutions that fit into one of five categories ranging from improvement of plant growing innovations to empowering the crowd and from nutrition and health to the protein frontier.

  • First place: AfriWeather, Canada. Deploying a network of low-cost weather sensors across farms that will use open data in the form of satellite images, historical weather data, national weather models, etc.
  • Second place: Sow2Eat, USA. Sow2Eat compiling valuable gardening information and sending step-by-step instructions to users, teaching them about gardening, health, and nutrition
  • Third place: Vicity. Creating a platform using open census data with crowdsourced data on a variety of factors, hoping to reveal gaps and create less ‘food deserts’.

Over 30 teams participated in the GODAN Open Data Challenge from 24 different countries around the world. Those six finalist teams received a cash prize, a ticket to the GODAN Summit in New York (September 2016) and access to the GODAN Mentoring Program. They are all in with a chance of winning the overall cash prize which will be announced in early 2017.

The GODAN Open Data Challenge is sponsored by GODAN and powered by Thought for Food and PUSH.

Find out more about the GODAN Challenge finalists by watching this short video.