The Need for Nutrition Education Programme (NNEd Pro)

The Challenge

Malnutrition is a significant problem facing millions of individuals who lack sufficient nutrition. For a growing number of others obesity is a factor that results from poor diets. Can open data support improvements in nutrition?

The Solution

GODAN and the Need for Nutrition Education Programme (NNEd Pro) partnership was formalised following the 2016 GODAN Summit in New York City. GODAN’s past expertise had primarily focused on agriculture and food. The partnership with NNEdPro serves to significantly increase GODAN’s understanding of nutrition data, while GODAN has supported NNEdPro’s approach to open data. GODAN and NNEd Pro have worked together on a Nutrition Open Data Strategy, which unites their common goals in agriculture, nutrition and food systems.

The Outcome

Nutritional experts from around the world, along with businesses engaged in the food value chain are developing increasing the use of open data to improve their approach to food production and delivery. This is an exciting development which is beginning to see success in the way populations alter their diets to increase health outcomes.