The Policy Challenge welcomed submissions from anyone interested in, and knowledgeable about, open data in agriculture/nutrition (inc. researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, students, development practitioners, government officials, and others). Participants were asked to explain the open data challenge(s) that they face in relation to our two challenge themes, and design and propose a practical solution to overcome this barrier. This Challenge is now closed for the 2016 application round.

Challenge Question

We invite participants in this challenge to design a policy or program for your country/organisation that would incentivize government and non-governmental agencies to better utilize, collect, and/or make more accessible open data and will positively impact one of the following two challenge themes:

  1. Agriculture: The lack of crowdsourced data from rural areas, especially as it relates to helping farmers make better decisions about inputs, pricing, and other factors related to agricultural production.

  2. Nutrition: The cost and difficulty of capturing and utilizing consumer open data about daily nutritional intake, with the goal of understanding nutritional risks, opportunities, and constraints.

The full list of rules, eligibility, judging rubric, prizes, and submission requirements,
can be found in the Track A Challenge Guide. 

Applications for the GODAN Open Data Challenge Track A have now closed. Finalists will be contacted by the 22nd August and announced at the GODAN Summit 2016

The Open Data Challenge is sponsored by GODAN and powered by Thought for Food and PUSH


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