Updated 16 November 2016

GODAN has completed its inception phase and plans to operate as an open and transparent organisation during our planned programme in coming years.  We are committed to high standards in transparency and are currently developing further documentation that will be published on this website.

Transparify assessed GODAN as a 'highly transparent' organization in 2015. See the full story here.

Our funding

GODAN focuses on building high-level policy, and public and private institutional support for open data. The initiative encourages collaboration and cooperation among existing agriculture and open data activities, without duplication, and brings together stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems like food and nutritional security.

  • GODAN is open to all public and private organizations and there is no fee to join.
  • GODAN and its Secretariat do not manage funds for agriculture and nutrition open data projects or programmes, although donors may use the GODAN name to attach to funding streams.
  • The GODAN Secretariat has an estimated five year budget of approximately $8.5 million, with equivalent of around five staff full time employees. Primary donors supporting the Secretariat with both in-kind and financial resources are:
  1. The United States Government may offer a financial contribution to the Secretariat of up to $4 million US dollars over 5 years. These funds may be utilized to procure the direct needs of the Secretariat and/or support for Secretariat activities. The US may also provide staff support, as requested, in the planning for major GODAN events. The US Government will act as the lead donor and main relationship manager with the Secretariat host.
  2. The Government of the United Kingdom, led by Department of International Development offers a financial contribution of up to a maximum of £2.5m over five years.
  3. The Government of the Netherlands offers one expert not being the Director as a member of staff to the Secretariat. This expert will be recruited by the Government of the Netherlands, and will be part of the Secretariat from the start including the inception phase. Financial resources for the expert will be supplied by the Government of the Netherlands to the hosting organization; 500,000 euros over 5 years. On top of this offer, the Secretariat can use the Dutch knowledge centres Wageningen UR, Netherlands Space Office, ITC as part of Twente University and TNO for the relevant expertise in capacity building, technology developments and agriculture.
  4. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is committed to offer in-kind funding to GODAN.  They pledge to provide a secondment of the equivalent of 50% of a senior professional officer in direct support of the delivery of the Strategic Partnerships and Research functions for two years.
  5. Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) is committed to offer in-kind funding to GODAN.  They pledge to provide a secondment of the equivalent of up to 50% of a full time staff time in direct support of the delivery of the Strategic Partnerships and Research functions for the inception phase.
  6. CABI has offered a contribution of a maximum of £75,000 per annum, to host the GODAN Secretariat at its offices in either the UK or the Netherlands and/or some additional in-kind and cash contributions.
  7. The CGIAR Consortium reserved US$50,000 in 2015 to help in the organization of an annual GODAN meeting/event with the broader partner base. Other contributions and support are also likely, including providing a platform to access, share, and visualize data.
  8. CTA can support travel funds and organization of events in its member countries or on a larger scale, up to an in-kind support level of 50,000 euro in 2015. In 2016 they provided a further 180,000 euro over 3 years.
  9. The Open Data Institute (UK) offers a permanent "hotdesk" at their office in Central London for the duration of the programme, with two further commitments for 2015 . They provided support with the development and dissemination of the case studies the Secretariat wished to produce to the value of US$20,000 of ODI's research team's time. Secondly, they worked with the GODAN Secretariat and partners on a specific workshop or project bringing together agricultural/nutritional specialists, government officials and Partnership for Open Data (POD)/ Open Data communities around a particular issue to a value up to US$30,000 with the aim of creating one such GODAN led case study or publication.
  10. FFAR committed $150,000 to GODAN to support delivery of the GODAN Summit in 2016.