The Challenge

Effectively engaging commercial agri-businesses to improve sustainable farming practices.

The Solution

Syngenta’s mission is to improve the sustainability of agriculture and business through six commitments in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Syngenta aims to reach over 20 million smallholder farmers with their ‘Good Growth Plan’ by 2020, providing tools and training that make agriculture more productive, efficient and profitable.

Syngenta supported the development of the GODAN - A Global Data Ecosystem for Agriculture and Food publication, which was originally scoped between them, the Open Data Institute and the GODAN Secretariat as a ‘think piece’ for Syngenta.

Together we agreed that it would be better to innovate and have our deliberations in the open.

The Outcome

Data managers and scientist at Syngenta report how being able to discuss data issues in the open allowed them to promote their publishing of the ‘Good Growth Plan’ to a wider audience, to engage their own external affairs team in data issues and to present issues of open data and open data innovation in the Syngenta corporate annual report for the first time.