Whether you are part of the growing Open Data community or involved in agriculture and development, the rapidly growing  GODAN network is a great opportunity for you to get involved in promoting Open Data - data that is available, accessible and in a form that can be used.  

New technology generates huge amounts of data, some of which could bring real benefits if only it could be applied to the real world problems that we face in feeding a future global population of 9 billion or more. GODAN now has OVER 850 partners with a strong presence in the Open Data community and in the agriculture and development sectors.  

Our partners; from governments, non-government organisations and businesses, have a wealth of knowledge, both of the technical aspects of Open Data, as well as in-depth experience of the issues facing the people this global initiative will benefit. Particularly smallholder farmers and consumers.  

Our expertise will be invaluable in finding solutions, not only to the problems of using Open Data, but in tackling ethical and other challenges that opening data will bring. GODAN's strength is in the diversity and expertise of its partners in moving forward the open data agenda in food and agriculture, and we welcome enquiries from those interested in joining us. So do not hesitate to get in touch or view more details on what being a partner means in practice: 

All our partners agree with the principles in the GODAN Statement of Purpose and plan to take a proactive role in promoting Open Data in the agriculture and nutrition sector.  

There is no cost involved in joining.  

We do hope that, if you decide to become a partner, you will encourage collaboration with others in the sector to build high-level policy support and that you will help to recruit new GODAN partners.