GODAN depends on its partners to advocate for open data in agriculture and nutrition on behalf on the network and the Secretariat. Making open data work for agriculture and nutrition requires a shared agenda to increase the supply, quality, and interoperability of data, alongside action to build capacity for the use of data by all stakeholders.

The following toolbox is a resource for all of our partners to use freely for their own advocacy. You will find:

  • Printable versions of the GODAN 101 Brochure, translated into English, French, Chinese, and Spanish

  • Printable version of the GODAN Statement of Purpose

  • Printable version of the GODAN Theory of Change

  • Printable versions of GODAN stickers

  • Full printable versions of each our research publications in English, French, and Spanish

  • Simplified, easy-to-download versions of our publications

  • Briefer documents of our publications

  • A downloadable version of a branded GODAN PowerPoint presentation, with tips and instructions for use

  • A downloadable guideline with tips on how to promote GODAN-related activities on social media

If you use these for you advocacy efforts, please let us know by emailing us at enquiries@godan.info