This report is a deliverable of the GODAN Action project, and outlines the main lessons from a review of approaches developed to evaluate the impact of open data. The review took into account a range of academic and policy oriented...Read more
This report describes the methodology and results of our gap analysis on the availability and usability of data standards for food and agriculture. This is the first of three analysis reports, which form part of the GODAN Action project which...Read more
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The VEST/AgroPortal online map of standards is a deliverable of the GODAN Action project. GODAN Action supports data users, producers and intermediaries to effectively engage with open data and maximise its potential for impact in the agriculture and nutrition sectors...Read more
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The eROSA project has released a new vision paper entitled "Towards an e-Infrastructure for Open Science in AgriFood."Read more
GODAN is pleased to release this PDF of the second issue of our Success Stories brochure. Please download the brochure from the link above and share with your partners and networks.Read more
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African governments and GODAN agree to historic Nairobi Declaration for comprehensive open data collaboration.Read more
GODAN partner Agroknow has released the 2nd Chania Declaration: A Call to Action! during the recent Open Harvest event in Chania, Greece in May. The event follows the success of the first Open Harvest event in 2016 , During a...Read more
The Global Yield Gap Atlas has been set up to support efforts to achieve the highest possible crop yields from existing farmland. This extensive open-data initiative takes a bottom-up approach to data, concentrating on delivering detailed information on weather, cropping systems and soils to policy makers, researchers and industry.Read more
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The International Information System of Agricultural Science and Technology works to improve access and exchange of information related to agricultural research, serving the information needs of developed and developing countries and connecting more than 150 institutions from 65 countries.Read more
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