The GODAN Capacity Development Working Group draws from the development of a capacity building plan to foster engagement among members and drawing in the lessons collected through a different number of mappings and assessments developed in conjunction with the membership. The Working Group (WG) provides a platform for longer term actions and scaling up in the use of capacity development materials and assessments. The working group was started during the GODAN Summit in September 2016. GODAN Capacity Development WG works in close synergies with other key initiative like Group on Earth Observations(GEO), The International Council for Science (CODATA), Research Data Alliance, United Nations FAO and other initiatives globally

The objectives of this working group include

  • Promote open data knowledge, increase awareness of ongoing open data initiatives, innovations and good practices
  • Advocate for collaborative efforts agriculture and nutrition open data initiatives through knowledge sharing among capacity development activities
  • Advocate programs, good practices, and lessons learned that enable the use of open data. Promote capacity development and diversity of open data users for a more effective accessibility, use, engagement and understand of open data



Since March 2017, CTA and partners through the GODAN Action project have been delivering monthly webinars as one of the objectives of the Capacity Development WG. For further information or to view previous webinars, click here.

How to join the Capacity Development WG

We welcome more individuals and institutions in this framework of collaboration within GODAN.
If you are interested, register here.