GODAN's mission is to eradicate hunger, improve nutrition, and achieve global food security for millions of people across the globe.

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    The Importance of the Right to Food

    The UN has set out a series of economic, social and cultural rights, including: The rights to adequate food, adequate housing, education, health, social security, water and sanitation, work, and the right to take part in cultural life... A legal right places responsibilities on public institutions to help us when we are having difficulties meeting our basic needs, and enables individuals to take action to fix any barriers to our enjoyment of that right. It also allows us to change the narrative from whether food should be a right; to how we ensure the right to food is upheld.

    UN Committee on World Food Security Online Conference

    The Secretariat of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is organizing a half-day public event in support of the CFS 2020-2023 Multi-year Program of Work (MYPOW), specifically its approved major work-stream on data systems related to global food security and nutrition.

    GODAN Newsletter May/June 2020

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    Encourage collaboration and cooperation across existing agriculture, nutrition and open data activities and stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems

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    GODAN partners support based on GODAN’s Statement of Purpose. Agricultural and nutritional data should be made available, accessible, usable and unrestricted.

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