Godan Action

GODAN Action was a three-year project (between 2016-19) intended to help data users, producers and intermediaries engage effectively with Open Data and maximise its potential for impact in the sectors of agriculture and nutrition.

The project aimed to enable an effective use of Open Data in tackling the food security and nutrition challenges, by building the capacity of potential stakeholders to both understand the potential of Open Data for agriculture and nutrition and to engage with it practically.

The rapid increase in availability of scientific, social and market data offers huge potential in improving the agricultural sector, and addressing food security and nutrition challenges. However, to achieve this potential, we need to ensure that this data can be accessed, shared and used by those who are in a position to realise its benefits.

Impact measurement

Identifying and improving tools and methods for assessing the impact of Open Data use in the sector. Aside the main focus of agriculture and nutrition, the project’s work is organised across the following themes:

Exploring the potential for Open Data approaches to enhance the use and reach of weather data, and to support the development of innovative farm management advice services.

Looking at the potential of Open Data to improve sustainable land use planning, facilitate access to justice, address rural employment, and to build collective bargaining potential among farmers and the organisations that represent them.

Examining the potential for addressing current data gaps and improving the utility of data, with a focus on the Global Nutrition Report.

Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition is a three-part initiative. Firstly, the Network of Partners. Secondly, the GODAN Secretariat who administer the Network and lead on high-level advocacy and policy development.  Alongside these sits GODAN Action, a capacity development and research unit, which feeds into and complements the work of the Secretariat, translating policies into capacity building activities designed to facilitate their implementation.


Enhancing data standards and promoting best practice in the management and sharing of data.

Capacity development and training

Building the capacity and diversity of Open Data users, leading to more effective use of data by key stakeholders in tackling challenges around agriculture and nutrition.

GODAN Action partners

GODAN Action is supported by the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and led by Wageningen Environmental Research (WUR). The project counts numerous international partners, including

● AgroKnow
● AidData
● The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
● The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)
● The Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
● The Land Portal
● The Open Data Institute (ODI)
● The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

GODAN Stories of Change

Stories of change share valuable learning opportunities for stakeholders, allowing reflection and investigation into factors that have enabled, and constrained, the change.


If you have any questions about GODAN Action, or would like more information on any aspect of the project, please contact Sander Janssen (GODAN Action project lead), at Wageningen Environmental Research.