GODAN is supported by the following donors


GODAN focuses on building high-level policies which support public and private institutional advocacy for open data. The initiative encourages collaboration and co-operation among existing agriculture and open data activities, bringing together stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems like food and nutritional security.


GODAN has completed its inception phase and operates as an open and transparent initiative with a set of core activities operating until 2022.

GODAN receives support and sponsorship from public and private international donors and is committed to high standards in transparency. We are currently updating documentation linked to new funding arrangements, which will be published on this Web site in due course.

GODAN meets IATI Standards since its inception in 2015 and Transparify assessed GODAN as a 'highly transparent' organisation. See more about the assessment here.

GODAN partnership is open to all public and private organisations.
The GODAN Secretariat does not manage funds for specific projects or programmes, although donors can request guidance.
There are no joining fees.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standards

The GODAN Secretariat has committed to publishing its accounts to International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standards. The Initiative’s accounts have previously been included in annual financial reports.