GODAN works collaboratively with its partners to spearhead new ideas, techniques and innovations.

We are a network of public and private sector organisations committed to supporting global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available, accessible, and usable for unrestricted application worldwide. We foster collaboration and cooperation among existing agricultural and open data activities, aiming to bring together stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems around food security and nutrition.

You can help GODAN and its network of partners in their work towards transparency, progress and innovation in the agriculture and nutrition sectors in a number of ways.

Join the GODAN network

Become a Partner!

Join our network of over 1000 partners from around the world.

Become a Partner!

Join our network of over 900 partners from around the world.

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Increasing yields, improved nutrition and protecting the environment are all key to GODAN's success. If you or your organisation wants to know more about sponsoring innovations in these challenging but important areas please contact us on:

Collaborate with partners

Work with our partners from sectors including government, agriculture and tech.

Working Groups
Take part in our Working Groups, finding new approaches of working towards open data in agriculture and nutrition.

Tools and Resources

Our extensive tools and resources will help you discover how to open data and how best to advocate for the use of open data.

Like the tools available, this list is in a constant state of evolution. If you have or are aware of a tool that you would like to see added, please contact:

Training courses

Discover online training courses on how to use and advocate for Open Data.

Create an open data policy

How to create an open data policy for your organisation.

Create a data management plan

How to create a data management plan.

Find open data

How and where to find relevant datasets.

Publish your research

Share your research with the open data community via our f1000 platform.