Join GODAN’s Growing Network of Partners

All our partners agree with the principles in the GODAN Statement of Purpose and take a proactive role in promoting Open Data in the agriculture and nutrition sector. 

There is no cost involved in joining. 

We do hope that, if you decide to become a partner, you will encourage collaboration with others in the sector to help build high-level policy support, and that you will help to recruit new GODAN partners.

Why Join Us?

By joining the GODAN partner network, you will be joining a group of influential companies, organisations, academics and government agencies - all working towards a shared vision. Together we will be much more effective in addressing, and helping solve, pressing issues of food security, hunger and malnutrition through more efficient collection and use of open data.

GODAN is working ever more closely with our public and private sector partners to foster collaboration, provide research and support the creation of open data policy.

You can help GODAN and its network of partners work towards transparency, progress and innovation in the agriculture and nutrition sectors.

GODAN partners