Today’s Innovation is Tomorrow’s Normal

An important part of GODAN Action’s work is the promotion of common data standards. The project aims to enable producers and users of agri-food data to work more effectively by helping them adopt more coherent and comparable standards. The work can be divided into four stages:


Initially, GODAN Action began by mapping currently available agri-food data standards in an online catalogue. As the project has evolved, GODAN Action have expanded the mapping process to include weather data, land data (using the LandPortal) and nutrition data (focusing on the Global Nutrition Report).

Identifying gaps

Using both the assessment process of the UK Government’s Open Standards Board and the ODI Open Data Certificates criteria, the project has identified gaps in standards across the thematic areas of agri-food, weather, land and nutrition.

Producing recommendations for filling identified gaps

Applying the ODI’s experience as developers of data-driven applications and standards, GODAN Action have put forward recommendations for filling the gaps identified in the mapping process.

Promoting collaboration

Throughout the process, GODAN Action has encouraged the endorsement and uptake of the results of the mapping process by working with different communities and initiatives, to promote the adoption of coherent and comparable standards. By adopting and using standards in datasets, communities can improve the ability to create links between datasets, aggregate, compare them, and as a result can rapidly develop new tools and services using data. The full reports are available below.