Tools and Resources

Opening and reusing data can be tough, but it can also be fun and creative. Some organisations are making the choice to release their data, while others are now required to because of policies of their funding bodies.

Whatever the reason, several GODAN partners and other stakeholders have created tools and resources to make opening and reusing data easier and more useful. Use this catalogue of tools and resources to see what already exists. Make sure to visit the creator’s partner page if you would like to get in contact with them. If you would like structured policy advice, a methodology that may help to open your data, or join a training course, please see the other menu items.
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GODAN has built a robust global network of more than 930 partners, from national governments, non-governmental, international and private sector organisations.

If you would like to add a Tool or Resource to the list, please contact our Communications Executive 


This popular set of Webinars came out of the GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development and began as a joint project between the CTA and the GODAN Secretariat under the umbrella of GODAN Action.

The Webinars seek to inform, inspire and teach about various aspects of opening agricultural data.

The first Webinar organised by GODAN Action and the GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development gives an overview of the activities of the Working Group and explains how to join and get involved with the group’s activities.

This second GODAN Capacity Building Webinar on Publishing Open Data from an Organisational Point of View was led by GODAN Action colleagues from the Open Data Institute (ODI) in London.

The Agriculture Open Data Package (dubbed the “AgPack”) has since been modified and updated through work undertaken by the GODAN Secretariat and the Open Data Charter to form the Open-up Guide for Agriculture, a stand-alone tool which provides comprehensive guidance on the key elements of opening datasets in agriculture.

The fourth GODAN Capacity Development Working Group Webinar introduces the GODAN Action programme. GODAN Action was a programme launched by the UK’s Department of International Development (DfID).