The following training courses are hosted by GODAN and GODAN partners. If you have an online training resource you would like included, please contact our Communications Lead.

Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition: Massive Open Online Course

This free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition was first created in 2016. The course was delivered 5 times between November 2017 and November 2018, reaching over 5000 people globally, before being made available for unrestricted use

GODAN would like to thank GODAN Action partners, including Wageningen Environmental Research (WUR), AgroKnow, AidData, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the Land Portal, the Open Data Institute (ODI) and the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

The course is also available in English, DOI registered through Zenodo, in Gitbook format.




GODAN are currently facilitating the translation of this resource into other world languages, in efforts to make it even more accessible to the benefit of the wider global community.

Other language versions will shortly be available in:

  • Chinese
  • Malay
  • Spanish

Open Data Essentials – More information

This training course is the Open Data Institute's e-Learning programme developed for the European Commission. This programme has been designed to enable you to discover what open data is and how it is changing the lives of everyone on our planet. There are 13 lessons for you to explore covering the essentials of open data, how to plan and measure success and how to implement an open data programme technically. This programme is free and should take a maximum of 2-3 hours to complete.

GODAN Capacity Building Working Group Webinar Series – More information

A series of Webinars organised by the GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development in collaboration with CTA, updated monthly.

School of Data – More information

A network of individuals and organisations working on empowering civil society organisations, journalists and citizens with skills they need to use data effectively.

Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition Online Course – More information

The GODAN Action project has developed a free online course on Open Data Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition. This e-learning course aims to strengthen the capacity of data producers and data consumers to manage and use open data in agriculture and nutrition. One of the main learning objectives is for the course to be used widely within agricultural and nutrition knowledge networks in different institutions. The course also aims to raise awareness of different types of data formats and uses, and to highlight how important it is for data to be reliable, accessible and transparent.

World Bank - Open Data Online Learning – More information

The World Bank has developed a series of e-learning courses to provide knowledge and skills to practitioners and users of open data. Each course in the series is designed for a distinct user segment, and provides deep technical skills, extensive examples and case studies, with an emphasis on open data in developing countries.

NNEd Pro - Cambridge Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition – More information

The Summer School is intended for individuals interested in nutrition and its health-applications and is also open to undergraduate students and other adult learners. The Summer School to date has been dually accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal Society of Biology. Personal tutors/mentors are allocated to candidates for the duration of the Summer School and following the course, alumni will automatically become associate members of the NNEdPro International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE) which will continue to provide advice and support on a one to one basis for at least 12 months following completion of the course.

Open Data Institute Courses – More information

The ODI’s interactive and practical courses are delivered by experts with significant experience working with open data. You can sign up to courses on their Web site, or discuss with them opportunities for bespoke or customised training for your organisation.

Here’s how you can learn with the ODI:

  • Learn open data skills from the experts at the ODI
  • Learn online, in your own time, for free
  • Get in touch to arrange customised or fully bespoke training
  • Discover what skills you need using our skills framework

Follow the above link to their Web site to find out more.