Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) works to support global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available, accessible, and usable for application worldwide, see what is GODAN for more information.

André Laperrière appointed new Executive Director of GODAN André Laperrière appointed as Executive Director of GODAN - 27 July 2015 – André Laperrière has been appointed Executive Director of the Secretariat for Global open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). CABI hosts the secretariat of GODAN. Mr Laperrière will take up his post on 1 September 2015 and be based in Wallingford, UK, at CABI’s head office. During his career Mr. Laperrière […]
RTI International logo RTI International becomes GODAN’s latest partner - RTI International is one of the world’s leading research institutes providing research and technical services to governments and businesses in more than 75 countries in the areas of health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, international development, economic and social policy, energy and the environment, and laboratory testing and chemical analysis. […]
usda chalenge don't use further USDA/Microsoft “Innovation Challenge” offers prizes for software developers on agricultural innovation - USDA’s Innovation Challenge is asking software developers to create applications using USDA data to achieve better resilience in food systems.  It is hoped that this will help meet the challenge of climate change, based on agricultural datasets collected over more than a century.  The datasets will be hosted by Microsoft Azure, allowing remote access and […]
integrated masters Addressing global food security New crop degree now open - With the population estimated to reach nine billion by 2050, the pressure mounts to find answers for sustainable, responsible food production. In response to this urgent mission, CABI, the University of Neuchâtel and the Canton Jura opened a degree programme in 2015 in the field of Integrated Crop Management (ICM). The Masters of Advanced Studies in […]
senseye Senseye is new GODAN partner - Senseye is the latest new partner to join the growing GODAN network.  Senseye aims to work with smaller businesses to exploit the Internet of Things revolution to deliver an affordable and easy to use Internet of Assets™ predictive analytics platform.  GODAN welcomes Senseye as a new partner.
OpenI Open Institute becomes GODAN partner - Open Institute is a think-do tank that works with governments and civil society organizations on open government, promoting transparency, accountability and multi-stakeholder participation in governance as key characteristics of an open government. Their work aims to institutionalize at both national and sub-national levels great ideas that make it possible to realize an open society managed […]
rezatec square Rezatec is GODAN’s latest partner - Rezatec helps businesses map their land-based assets using complex information from Earth Observation (EO) and other data from a wide range of sources, including satellite images, to provide mapping, measuring and monitoring support.  Located in the Harwell Space Cluster in Oxfordshire their website includes a video of their innovative work on peatland monitoring.  GODAN is […]
UN GODAN joins new Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data - GODAN joins the partnership as an early champion along with over 20 governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations including the World Bank, Hewlett Foundation, WEF, ONE, the US, Kenyan and Mexican Governments. This high level initiative aims to harness the Data Revolution for inclusive growth and sustainable development across a broad agenda with the aim of […]
Digital_Cards_MS_E Major funding from US Government for open data to tackle hunger and global poverty - Today, the US Government announces major new funding at the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa to achieve food security by 2030, as part of its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals will be finalised in September to move forward the open data revolution in the agriculture and nutrition sectors.  See […]
africa12 Joined-logos New partners to join the US and UK Governments to plan for GODAN 2016 Summit - The United States will join the United Kingdom, the ONE campaign, Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH), the Government of Kenya, and the GODAN Secretariat to form a planning committee for a 2016 GODAN Summit. GODAN partners are invited to join in planning a summit in 2016 that will significantly move forward the open data agenda […]

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