Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) works to support global efforts to make agricultural and nutritionally relevant data available, accessible, and usable for application worldwide, see what is GODAN for more information.

guardian Guardian features GODAN’s work on open data to combat global food shortage - Today the Guardian publishes an in-depth feature on the importance of open data in achieving food security and its vital role in helping to combat hunger in an era of population growth. Use cases from the GODAN/ODI discussion paper ‘how can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data?’, published in May, are used to […]
Pic by Neil Palmer (CIAT). Pictures from the Mount Kenya region, for the Two Degrees Up project, to look at the impact of climate change on agriculture. For more information please contact Four key issues to tackle at the Africa Open Data Conference - By: Chris Addison, Tim Davies, Ana Brandusescu and Ben Schaap Next week will see the first continent-wide Africa Open Data Conference: bringing together governments, technologists and innovators from across the continent and beyond to explore the promise and reality of open data in Africa. GODAN will be there, hosting a series of sessions looking at […]
AODC GODAN Partner Meeting at AODC - The meeting will bring GODAN partners together for meetings and discussions that foment independent or Secretariat-facilitated partnerships going forward, and provide engagement with high-level GODAN goals. All are welcome to this annual meeting about public and private sector  use of open data for agriculture and nutrition. This is a chance to get to know the […]
sun final Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) to be GODAN partner - Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) aims to unite people to combat hunger and malnutrition worldwide. SUN engages with governments, civil society, the United Nations, donors, businesses and researchers in a collective effort to improve nutrition by implementing programmes with nutritional goals and by mobilising resources. (more…)
Conceptual closeup environment photo of hands holding a young plant Taking stock of challenges for global open data in agriculture and nutrition - As the open data revolution in agriculture and nutrition gathers pace, discussions are emerging about some of the ethical issues involved in equitable sharing and use of data, particularly as increasing amounts of data are now generated by or for farmers, although the discussion and implications extend much more widely across the agriculture and nutrition […]
AODC Africa Open Data Conference (AODC), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, September 2 – 5 - GODAN will be participating actively in discussions at the AODC and will be leading the Agriculture and Nutrition Track on Saturday September 5. The conference represents a valuable opportunity for GODAN partners to shape the focus of our activities in the coming months and network with potential partners in the region.  More widely, GODAN partners […]
how will we fill How will we fill 9 billion bowls? -   This new in-depth report by Thomson Reuters raises the immense issue of how the world will feed the 9 billion people, or more, that are predicted to inhabit the planet by 2050.  Featuring the USDA Under Secretary and Chief Scientist, Cathie Woteki, along with a wealth of top scientists and experts in the field, […]
Opuntia fruit or berber figs Urgent call for Kenyan applicants for fully sponsored UK Masters Research in invasive species - CABI has teamed up with its neighbours at Royal Holloway, University of London in Surrey, England to offer a jointly funded one year Master of Science by Research programme on invasive species for this academic year (Sept 2015 – August 2016). Tuition, accommodation and adequate living expenses will be covered, as will one economy return […]
PW DM Backstopping VN Sept 2014_31 DFID Tender for Research and Capacity Building now published - Further to our earlier post on bids for DFID funding in June, we have heard today that the tender for the Research and Capacity-Building Programme has now been published under PO 7273 on DFID’s Supplier Portal (rather than the PO 7171 used for early engagement). DFID is seeking to commission a programme to deliver a suite of […]
André Laperrière appointed new Executive Director of GODAN André Laperrière appointed as Executive Director of GODAN - 27 July 2015 – André Laperrière has been appointed Executive Director of the Secretariat for Global open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN). CABI hosts the secretariat of GODAN. Mr Laperrière will take up his post on 1 September 2015 and be based in Wallingford, UK, at CABI’s head office. During his career Mr. Laperrière […]

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