GODAN's mission is to eradicate hunger, improve nutrition, and achieve global food security for millions of people across the globe.

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    Making Crop Data Sharing Responsible and Reliable

    Long-term, sustainable and responsible ways to access and share data are fundamental to all efforts to support planetary health

    Towards Responsible Plant Data Linkage Workshops

    Although considerable progress has been made over recent years on the development of tools for agricultural data standardisation, sharing and analysis; there remain many technical, political and socioeconomic challenges to ensuring data solutions are FAIR (findeable, accessible, interoperable and resueable) and equitable.

    The University of Exeter and the Alan Turing Institute are bringing together key global initiatives (CGIAR, IITA, FAO, USDA, among others), as well as scholars of history, philosophy, social studies, and plant and agricultural science. GODAN's Foteini Zampati, Eliane Ubalijoro and Suchith Anand will be presenting a session on Ethical and Legal Considerations in Smart Farming: A Farmer’s Perspective during the March 26 Workshop.

    GODAN Newsletter May/June 2020

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    The purpose of the GODAN partner network is to support the shared principles based on GODAN’s Statement of Purpose

    Agricultural and nutritional data to be available, accessible, usable and unrestricted

    Partners aim to build high level policy and private sector support for open data

    Encourage collaboration and cooperation across existing agriculture, nutrition and open data activities and stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems

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    GODAN partners support based on GODAN’s Statement of Purpose. Agricultural and nutritional data should be made available, accessible, usable and unrestricted.

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